So, who is Stella?


Many of our posts and pictures have included our mannikin, Stella.


One day we were dressing her up in her finery and it reminded us of Kristine's Grandma Stella. Grandma loved to dress up in her fancy clothes and accessorize with her best bangles then put on a good face. She especially liked the dresses to be colourful with big bright flowers and with beads big and bright to complement the look. Seasonally acceptable shoes and purse, black or brown in winter and white or cream in summer completed the outfit. She then took great care with her hair and makeup, tending to use ample rouge and red lipstick. Grandma was then ready for church or tea with her lady friends. We loved this ritual so much we decided to name our girl after a much loved Grandma. Every time she gets a new outfit, Grandma is remembered.

"Feel the History... Take home a Memory..."