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The Old Goat Soap Factory has discontinued production of Goat's Milk Lotion. We have a limited supply available until August 31 or until it is gone.

On a positive note, we will continue to carry all your favourite Old Goat Soap.

Old Goat Soaps

We continue to operate with protocols in place for the safety of our customers:

  • Four customers in the store at one time
  • Hand sanitizer available at the door
  • Self-distancing recommendations
  • No returns on merchandise. Love what you buy, you can't bring it back!

May at Carvel General Store

We are re-opening with caution for in-store shopping on Wednesday, May 20th.

Patrons will be limited to four in the store at one time. There are several places
to relax while you wait on the porch or in front of the garden.

Everyone will be asked to wear the gloves provided and to avoid touching products.

You will be asked to stroll the store in one direction.

We will sanitize the door and counter area after each guest.

You have been missed and it is our pleasure to welcome you back. We can do this!

"Feel the History... Take home a Memory..."